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Break the cycle of poverty and civil wars through education.

When education is created and maintained at all times, even in the most difficult war-torn circumstances, the country has hope and is sure to bound back to life.

Education in all different forms will break the cycle of poverty. Education has an uplifting effect on all aspects of society including increasing girls’ education and lowering the number of diseases and prenatal deaths.

Education gives people the ability to respect other’s opinions, respect human rights, and make informed decision for forward movement of a country, something a country like South Sudan dearly needs now.  

The decisions of uneducated leaders in the Old Sudan have caused us a great deal of suffering. It is now our duty to educate the next generation of leaders in South Sudan so that they will never cause the next generation to suffer. We need your help to do this effectively.

Education is essential for human development and eradication of poverty. Give South Sudanese
children second chance at education.


South Sudan Nation Builders is establishing an advocacy program for scholarships to fund South Sudanese students with excellent academic standings to enroll in American educational institutions. We require that these students will return to South Sudan with the drive to help South Sudan be productive and peaceful.

Why give the gift of Education

By giving a gift of education to eager South Sudanese young people, we will be ensuring that
South Sudan can add to the peace in the world and that a group of future leaders have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make informed choices for a stable South Sudan. Scholarships from good-hearted individuals, generous universities and colleges, are a wonderful way to help South Sudan....and the world and the USA.

Scholarship Recipients

Two South Sudanese students have already been given scholarships by Endicott College in Massachusetts and are in their second year. One will go into medicine and the other one into investment banking. They are both doing very well and are looking forward to bringing positive change to the lives of South Sudanese when they return to South Sudan. Having grown up in the refugee camp, they are very passionate about succeeding in education because they know what it is like to go to bed with an empty stomach for days at a time and face health issues due to poverty.

The two of them came to United States about 16 months ago, have weathered predictable challenges. They embrace the curriculum; the kindness and the understanding American people have extended to them and will always be grateful to Endicott College for giving them the
chance their parents couldn’t provide them.

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Meet Scholarship Recipient: 
Aleer Tor Leek Dengakol

Just like the first person to scale Mount Everest, your achievement Aleer Tor Leek Dengakol is a testament to your dedication and perseverance you have in your gene. Little brother, I knew from the start when God blessed me with two scholarships that I gave you and Kuoya Malaak Kuoya to come and study in the I United States you will be able to climb over any challenge that comes your way. 

Seeing you in your graduation’s gown today is nothing but excitement and my sincere and humble gratitude to Dr. Wyle and the members of the Endicott College including Dean Warren Jafferri. They all have done us a great deal of favor.  I simply do not need appreciation for getting you a scholarship and getting you here. It was my solemn duty to help you and I have no doubt that, Dr. Wylie who gave me those scholarship spots is happy and rejoicing in heaven for your academic's success. 

Now I see its work and that I’ll redouble my effort to find mores scholarships so that I bring more deserving students from South Sudan to access American great education system so when they go back they will rebuild South Sudan. 

....Put your medical technology knowledge you have just acquired to use as part of your giving back and giving it forward to America and to South Sudan respectively! Congratulations my brother Aleer Tor!



South Sudan Nation Builders history and the quest for scholarships 

In 2007, Lost Boys leader John Dau – now a dual citizen of the US and South Sudan – established the John Dau Foundation and built health facilities in both Duk and Twic East Counties. Since then, clinics’ staff has provided lifesaving medical care to over 190,000 patients, fed over 270,000 malnourished kids and adults, and delivered 26,000 books from the International Book Bank.

In 2008, in response to the need for education, peace and food security in Jonglei State, John Dau established SSI as a non-profit organization with a mission to provide services in the areas of education, agriculture, and peace-building.