Image by Damian Patkowski


The Mission of South Sudan Nation Builders (SSNB)


The purposes of this Corporation are: 

  • Create self-sufficient communities throughout South Sudan by establishing programs of academic and agricultural education, healthcare, and economic development.

  • Provide educational opportunities in the United States, Australia, Canada for South Sudanese students to study and return to South Sudan to help develop the country. 

  • Help facilitate peace and reconciliation among South Sudanese communities. Such purposes shall not limit the ability of the Corporation to carry out any other religious, charitable, scientific purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of USA and South Sudan humanitarian policy.


The Vision of SSNB

Through education, we will help the South Sudanese people take responsibility for participation in peace and reconciliation, health care education, and agriculture skill development. Together the South Sudanese can help combat the vicious cycle of violence, greed, and ethnic division that has been the biggest problem South Sudan faces.

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